Summer 2015 – Day 14 – 12nm off WA coast SW of Cape Alava to Neah Bay, WA

Night watch spent working our way to Cape Flattery. On my watch at midnight encountered navel exercise just to the west of us.  Big ship not on AIS, turned toward me with bright lights.  I altered course a bit towards the east, but didn’t want to go to far and lose my line to Cape Flattery.  Was doing ok until another ship appeared on AIS as unidentified, then as Ranier engaged in military exercises.  That freaked me out as I’m wondering if we are in their firing range.  Woke Dan out of a sound sleep to help assess the situation and whether we needed to do anything else.  That wasn’t the best plan as he was getting the best sleep on the trip so far.  We spent the next hour altering course back to the west a bit.  Once we were back on our original course, Dan went to sleep, and I went back to my watch trying to keep our speed such that we don’t reach Cape Flattery before daybreak.  It all worked out. Arrived at Cape Flattery at dawn.  Got the sails down and the engine going and motoring to the buoy at Cape Flattery.  As we approached the buoy, a tug came on AIS, closing fast for the buoy too.  Dan hailed him to let him know we were crossing in front of him and make sure he wasn’t towing a barge.  The early morning run up the Strait to Neah Bay was beautiful with foggy mists rolling around the hills and on the water.
IMG_1468[1]Arrived Neah Bay 0845. Anchor down. Diesel stove lit  Cooked breakfast burritos. Coffee with a shot of brandy, then to bed for a fabulous 4 hour sleep!  Foggy and rainy, but cozy and warm. Boat and clothes drying. Dan got some internet and sent email messages. Pizza for dinner. Movie, then bed.


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