Summer 2015 – Day 12 – Depart Ilwaco, WA to head north

IMG_1458[1]Over the Columbia River bar and sailing NW by 11am.  We raised sails as soon as we passed buoy 11 and tacked down the bar. Narrow miss on crab pot at buoy 7. Light SW wind so slow sailing. Monitor working great. Bit of confusion with figuring out direction of car carrier ship about 4pm. Finally
started the motor and motored sailed directly west to avoid him. Think he altered course too. Hard to figure out from the GPS. Saw a whale. Fixed lemongrass basil chicken with rice and cole slaw for dinner. Dishes done. Time to sleep before my night watch. Dan navigated us past a gaggle of fishing boats west of Gray’s Harbor.  Took my watch at 10pm with Max joining me in the cockpit tethered in and wrapped in a fleece blanket.  Took a bit to adjust to the dark.  It’s cloudy, so no stars to see tonight.  Making steady progress on a NW heading, about 30nm offshore.

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