Summer 2015 – Day 13 – 40nm out from Cape Elizabeth, WA

Kind of a tough 24 hours. Slow slog in fairly light SW wind. Getting used to the seas and the movement of the boat. No seasickness. Really dark on watch last night due to cloud cover. We decided to gybe early this morning.  After we gybed, Dan put out the tuna rig and promptly hooked a big one. So big, he couldn’t haul it in and the line finally broke before we even saw it. Another bite with a new rig but it got away. Heading towards Destruction island. The short sleep is tough. Got woken up from my morning nap by significant boat heel and the rigging shaking the boat. Out of bed, time to reef. Accomplished easily with the new reef rings with webbing. Dropped out the yankee for better balance. We are finding out how demanding doublehanded passagemaking is – one of us has to be on watch at all times. Trying to sleep when off watch, but not easy. And, then some
things require both of us on deck. Since we don’t have any firm destination, our plan is to pop around Cape Flatteryinto Neah Bay, rest a bit and  figure out the next step.  So, checked tides for Neah Bay, and plotted a course.  In order to make that line, we need to backtrack a bit to a position further west.Todo it, we gybed back and ended up on a really uncomfortable deep reach with the swell on our beam. Only put up with that for a short time,
then gybed again and got a line almost due north with swell behind us. I think a mistake trying to do watches before we left. It would have been
better to have had a good night’s sleep. I am very sleep deprived, but having trouble getting sleep when I lay down.

IMG_1460[1]We had a lovely late afternoon with a drink in the cockpit. Then the rolling, pitching picked up and made it challenging to fix dinner.  Got a bit nauseous and cranky.  Oh well, guess that’s just part of the voyage.





IMG_1461[1]My attempt at a selfie at sea.











IMG_1462[1]And one of Dan up at the mast.










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