Summer 2015 – Day 55 – Summer’s Coming to a Close

Planning to head upriver tomorrow. Breakfast at the Portside Cafe.  NNW wind has been howling here since yesterday afternoon.


IMG_1621[1]A walk on the dike/jetty.  View of Baker Bay.







IMG_1623[1]And, the Ilwaco Channel.








IMG_1624[1]Bad Fish (CRYC) coming back from the Garibaldi Tuna Derby.   Alas, seas were rough yesterday, so they turned around.  Apparently out of ~35 boats that went out, only 15 got tuna.  Our neighbor on Sarana, gifted us a tuna – always good to help the neighbor’s dock their boat.






IMG_1626[1]Sabbatical on M row.









Summer 2015 – Day 54 – Wildfire Smoke in Ilwaco

IMG_1619[1]The wildfire smoke from Mt. Adams blew all the way down here to Ilwaco.  Sun was red this morning as it came up, by midday fairly heavy smoke haze and smell, fairly calm and warm. Wind picked up in the afternoon and cleared the low level smoke, but still smoke up higher for a red sun this evening.